The Project

The Marine Design Project is a 15 hp course at Chalmers University of Technology in the Master Programme Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. It is the final course the students take before writing their master thesis as well as a sharp engineering exercise in collaboration with a real customer. The task is to deliver a conceptual design of a ship or an offshore structure that meets the requirements of this customer. Thus, the students get to participate in a real project and chance to contribute to the technical development in the maritime sector and the customer gets about 10 000 hours of engineering work.
The Marine Design Project of 2014 concerns the installation of a wind power park outside Blekinge in the south of Sweden, the customer is Blekinge Offshore via Offshore Väst. The task is to transport 700 gravity foundations and windmills from the assembly site in the post of Karlshamn to the offshore wind farm site outside Hanö – a distance of about 20 nautical miles – and install them there.
The Marine Design Project is also an exercise in group work, project management and communication between students from different backgrounds. They are divided into groups dealing with different aspects of the design. Thus, communication between the groups is crucial.
The course started on the 2:nd of September and the final presentation of the work of the students will be at the 19:th of December at Chalmers campus Lindholmen. This blog is a report from within the working group and will address the work that leads up to the final design.



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